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Seminar and Workshop

Seminars are presentations followed by a brief question and answer period. They tend to focus on broad concepts and ideas. The purpose of a seminar is to stimulate your thinking and suggest new ways of viewing an issue.

Workshops are training sessions that involve active participation by attendees. The purpose of a workshop is to provide the attendees with specific tools that can be used in their parent organization. Workshops can be designed specifically for your organization or you may select one of my existing training packages.

Popular Programs

  • From Vision to Results: Establishing Your Emergency Management Program.
  • Mapping the Future: Strategic Planning for Emergency Managers.
  • Selling What No One Wants To Buy: Building Support for Mitigation Programs.

Workshops and seminars can be designed to fit your needs and can include enhancements such as custom-designed handouts and workbooks, pre-conference surveys and materials, follow-up surveys.

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