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Consulting Services

Lucien G. Canton, CEM (LLC) is a management consulting firm that specializes in improving your ability to deal with crisis. In my experience, many response and continuity plans fail because organizations fail to align those plans with organizational values, culture and business goals. Demonstrating value added and ROI are critical to the development of an effective system for dealing with the unexpected. My goal is to help you dramatically increase your chances of managing and surviving a crisis.

Among the many things we can help with:

  • Aligning your emergency management program with your organization's goals, making it add value instead of draining resources.
  • Separating real from perceived risks for a more cost effective investment of emergency management dollars.
  • Creating a long-range strategy that is supported by key stakeholders.
  • Identifying barriers to program implementation and suggesting solutions.
  • Preparing employees to act more effectively in a crisis, reducing downtime.
  • Educating your key leaders in program sustainability.

Lucien G. Canton, CEM offers a unique blend of business and emergency management expertise. Further, I believe that each solution should be also unique to the client. As such, there are no “typical” clients or “typical” results. Here are some examples of the wide range of skills I can bring to your project:

Organizational Development
My team assisted in the development of a new operating structure for regional preparedness planning for the Portland Urban Area. The project involved researching national models applicable to Portland, interviewing local stakeholders in five counties and two states, and conducting a series of workshops to build acceptance for the proposed changes.

Strategy Formulation
I conducted a national survey of continuity of operations plans (COOP) in emergency management agencies and developed a marketing strategy for COOP products for the Veritas Software Corporation.

Program Development
I developed an administrative plan and a strategic planning process for Genentech’s emergency preparedness program.

Program Assessments
As part of a national team, I conducted assessments of state-level emergency management programs under the National Plan Review conducted by the Department of Homeland Security after Hurricane Katrina.

Policy Development
I developed a draft standard of care for the Golden Gate Regional Center that consolidated mandatory state requirements in multiple regulations into a single document. The standard included specific guidance on how to establish and maintain an emergency preparedness program in facilities for the developmentally disabled.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.